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Signal of Doom Adventure Book

Signal of Doom Adventure Book

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A TFNation 2019 production, this brand new story set in the Transformers: Beast Machines universe was produced for charity.

This book is an Adventure Book (Choose your Fate) is an interactive story with one way to win, and multiple ways to die.

The fate of Cybertron is in your hands as you take control of Battle Unicorn

Yes, you! Now you can be part of the robot action, by picking up this year’s TFNation exclusive Adventure Game Book - Signal Of Doom. You read that right: you will personally be plunged deep into the dark and fantastic Cybertron from Beast Machines. Charged by the Oracle with a vital task which, if you succeed, may save countless lives – Maximal and Predacon alike. The price of failure is spark extraction. Will you take up the challenge, and be the hero that Cybertron needs?

"Cover Art" art by Ed Pirrie
"Battle Unicorn" art by Nate Webb

PLEASE NOTE: orders to be shipped at the end of September