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TFNation 2019 Colouring Book

TFNation 2019 Colouring Book

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We’re proud to be part of an extremely creative fanbase, and we’re bringing those of you who need to channel that creativity the TFNation 2019 Colouring/Activity Book.

The book contains contributions from Adam "Zerokaiser" Worden, Andrew Turnbull, Andy Kiernan, Chris McFeely, Chris Phillips, Ed Pirrie, Garry Bodsworth, Gavin Spence, Herzpalter, James Marsh, Karl Thurgood, Kris Carter, Kris Smith, Lem Borghini, Matt Dallas, Nate Hammond and Sora Pereira.

"Beast Wars II" art by Adam "Zerokaiser" Worden
"Transformers Prime" art by James Marsh
"Dinobot" art by Ed Pirrie

PLEASE NOTE: orders to be shipped at the end of September